Welcome!  If you don’t know who I am my name is Emma Graham and I am the author of Lucky Strike book one in the Wonderland series.  It is my first book and I plan to release the second book either at the end of this year or the beginning of next year.

I have been working on this series for six years now.  It has been a dream of mine now for sometime now to be a published author, and now that I am it seems kind of surreal.  I will post a blurb and a link to two sites where you can find my book below.

I am from Virginia and I’m only 18 years old.  I love to read in my past time and watch TV.  I love Bollywood movies, and I’m currently learning several languages at the moment.  I love talking to new people, and learning about different cultures.  I’m a huge mythology nerd and will often incorporate it into my books.  I am also a huge comic book nerd, Nightwing is my fave.  So that’s a little bit about me, if you have any questions you can find my email on the contact page, I’d be happy to answer any questions you have.

Blurb:  What happens when you throw a girl into the world of Weather and Natural Disaster Controllers? She thinks she’s gone absolutely mad. For eighteen year old Tessa Sinclair life was pretty average, until her best friend took her to a world where people could control the weather. She thinks that she’s dreaming, that this is one of her crazy nightmares, but it’s not. She learns that she has the power to control a piece of weather and is the princess. Now on top of all that, the man that murdered her parents is after her… and she learns this all within the first hour of being there. So now Tessa has to deal with the fact that she’s a Weather Controller, a princess, and that there’s a mad man running around after her all the while keeping all this a secret from literally everyone.



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